Video documentation of a performance. Artist watches video, right hand holds microphone which is moved in synchronicity with the fly, sound produced by mouth. 2014.

This work is about failure. The failure to clearly record what was before my eyes, and the sound I could hear. Though, failure is also the ability “to embrace possibility in the very gap between intention and realisation” (Lisa Le Feuvre 2010, 3). In an attempt to redeem this badly recorded experience, I aurally imitated a fly in an attempt to create a binaural soundscape that would perhaps help locate the fly in the video. And because I couldn’t digitally manipulate the spatial dynamics of the sound, I resorted to performing it by moving a microphone around with my hand. While watching the blurry pixels fly over the screen, I coordinated its movements with mine to create an effect of distance and movement, as if it was buzzing circles in your head, though this process is (again a failure and) broken by my gasping for breath.