Above: images by Fructôse, Mickaël Tkindt-Naumann & David Ayoun

TALKIE WALKIE WALKIE TALKIE is a project initiated and organised by Fructôse, in collaboration with the City of Dunkirk and under the artistic direction of Welchrome, Fabien Marques & Elodie Merland. The residency launched on the Calais-Dover ferry on the 4th of July, then continued at Fructôse, Hangar 4.IV, môle 1, Dunkirk until the 7th of July 2019.

TWWT is contextualised by the turmoil of the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union. Artists based in the Côte d’Opale region of France and the Southern English Coast were invited to participate in the residency to stimulate Franco-British based artistic exchanges by engaging in a new cross-border cooperative framework in the field of contemporary art. Grouped into three creative consorts, these artists with different nationalities and artistic practices made collective creations around the concept of trans-borders. Utopian, caustic, pragmatic, delirious, in-depth, critical or far-fetched, these projects, carried out in the feverish atmosphere of a 48-hour artistic marathon, sought to build links where the break threatens.

The participating artists consisted of; Alfonse, Paul et les autres, Ruchi Anadkat, Jacob Bray, Martin Deknudt, David Droubaix, Aurélien Maillard, Fabien Marques, Elodie Merland, Claire Orme, Tomas Poblete, Melissa Ryke, Edward Sanders, Dan Scott, Nina Shen-Poblete, Holly Slingsby, Sara Trillo and Anaïs Vranesic.

[words appropriated from https://www.fructosefructose.fr/agenda/restitution-publique-talkie-walkie-walkie-talkie]

TWWT collaborative project