Performative video work. Single channel video projection, 3:53mins. 2015.
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This work is an extension of my practice-led research which is driven by how our experiences are remade through the moving-image and sound. Particularly how on-board cameras activate the body and its movements. The context for this project began with research into the camera as an indiscriminatory eye. Cameras like the GoPro have changed the way in which people frame, record and share events, as most of the on-board cameras often have a wide-angled lens and no viewfinder. With the lack of a highly constructed composition and the immediacy of its filming process this camera becomes an indiscriminatory eye because the composition and movement of the video is made in contingency with the body or an object. For me, these cameras offer the potential of embodied experience through the installation process and decorporealisation; where the movement and the position of the camera temporarily become the movement and position of the viewer, permitting the spectator to enter into a participative, performative, and experiential space with the work.